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  • Unlimited Documentations
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Parents have their own Portal
  • Educators have their own Login Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

14 Days Money Back Guarantee, how does it work?

We offer 14 Days Money Back Guarantee from the time you create your first App. So when you create your Centre App, you can play around with it and you will understand how easy it is to use. If you do cancel your subscription within 14 days, we will automatically refund the money back to your card and no questions asked. Everything is automated to make the whole process a lot easier. You will get full money back during the 14 days period so you can try it risk free.

Privacy, can parents see other children's documentation and photos?

Parents will only see the documentation that you create for their child. For example, if you are creating an Observation for Joe and in the Documentation you only select Joe, then only his parents will receive the documentation in their parent portal. If you are doing a group Learning Story and you select multiple children in the children tab then each of the parents of those children you have selected will receive a copy of the Learning Story in their parent portal. In this case, parents will be able to view all photos that are shared in that documentation they have permission for. The same way works for photos as well. The photos each parent can view depends on which children you select for that particular documentation. So to summarise it, parents cannot view other children's documentation and other photos that they don't have access to, however, they can view all photos that are uploaded to the documentation they have access to.

Can I limit an educators access to child/parent records?

Yes. Each educator in an App will be assigned to a specific role which has a pre-defined set of permission and access levels that determines how much freedom the educator has in that App. For example, you may wish to grant Administrator access to some while you may wish to give less access level for a room assistant. This is where Roles, Permission and Access levels will help. We have created 5 different roles with different level of permissions and access levels. The 'owner' role is obviously the highest level which is automatically assigned to the owner of the App. When the owner adds new educators to that app, he/she can assign a role for these educators which determines what they can do and what they have access to in that App. Each educator is automatically linked to their respective children and parent records depending on their roles and room access.

Does the system allow us to run reports/export data for record keeping?

The App has "Export to PDF" feature that allows you to export the documentation created in your centre's app to pdf format. When exporting it to pdf, the app will generate your created documentation by auto-aligning the data for pdf layout, adds your centre logo to it, copyright the content to your centre and compiles the pdf. All of this will be done automatically when you are exporting the data. You also have an option to choose what elements of the documentation you wish to export. You can use these pdf files for your record keeping purposes.

Does each educator need a profile or can we have one profile for the centre that everyone can access?

Each educator will have their own profile. This will also help you as the owner to keep track of their activities, daily documentation and when sharing documentation to parents. Since educators have their own individual account, it's easy for them to perform various actions from their own account. For example think of it like a Facebook Page where you invite other users to manage your page. Just like that, when you create an App for your centre, you invite other educators to join your centre's app. Educator having their own login access is infact the best way for it. You can view and monitor everything that each educator does as it happens, assign permissions to educators depending on how much freedom you want them to have when using your App, etc. The best thing is, Appsessment manages each educator's profile and also keeps a track on their activities so you, the administrators and managers in your centre can easily perform their duties.

I have registered for the app but can't find the app in the app store to download?

Appsessment is a web app and it is not listed in the App Store or Google Play but there is an easier way to add our App icon to your device. We have the full step-by-step instructions on how to add our App as a shortcut to your device in our Tutorials page which you will have access to after you login. Alternatively, you can even contact us with your device info and we will take you through the steps.

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